The History of Bingo

Bingo is a simple game of chance that dates back to its Italian and French origins. It used to be a form of the game ‘Lotto’ which was later modified to bingo. The basic principle of the game is still the same and in fact, the original that used to be played back in the 16th century is still played in some places of France to this day. The popularity of the game spread like wildfire through out the European countries and as people migrated to the United States of America, the game was also brought along with them.

The game became well known and played by many in the US in the last century before the advent of computers and other distractions at home.

In the US, a man named Edwin S. Lowe, a salesman and an entrepreneur, is well known as being the man who initiated the Bingo craze. He himself was a huge fan and noticing how people were being drawn in by the droves to this game, he decided to go with the flow and popularized it in many states across the US. Initially, the name that used to be yelled out was ‘Beano’ but by accident, someone yelled out ‘Bingo’ instead and the name struck a cord with people and it came to be the acceptable term after that.

In a game of bingo, the person who calls out the number at random from a bag of numbers ranging form 1 through 90 is known as the caller and the player has a card with random numbers in rows and columns. You circle of numbers as they are called and if you are able to cross off all the numbers on your in a row or column, you get to yell ‘Bingo’ and of course, you win.

Once the game gained popularity in local towns and became a commonly accepted past time, many churches and community centers jumped in to organize these games in the name of raising funds for charity and this measure was a hit with many people.

Many local folks were drawn to the idea of raising fund as well as getting to play bingo at the same time. These events were able to raise a lot of money in a short period of time. Bingo can be played by a few people in a church community hall setting or at a center with hundreds of people.

Since, the legalization of gambling, bingo has also grown although not at the same rate as gambling of course.

These days bingo has also gone high tech with many online gaming facilities offering bingo. You can either play just for fun or play for money if you like. Sometimes, the jackpot can run into thousands and thousand of dollars. Considering the time that bingo has been around, it is indeed one classic game that has not been traded in with the changing of times but rather has gained popularity a