Garden Rooms – Add Value to Your Garden With a Garden Room

Garden rooms are windowed spaces for leisure within a garden. They are sometimes referred to as green houses, conservatories or orangeries but in the broadest sense of the term they can be anything that provides a garden setting and a sense of enclosure.

Can you sleep overnight in a garden room?

A sheltered seating area or garden office, for example, can be an ideal location for writing or working as it feels quiet and secluded and is not too exposed to the elements. This minimal 4.6-metre square garden room by Brooklyn-based design studio Architensions has been clad in black shingles and internally framed with pine plywood to provide a study and reading space for its owners, who are writers. A concealed pull-out bed enables it to also function as a guest bedroom.

Creating garden rooms that are both useful and beautiful is about more than just separating out parts of the landscape for different uses. Equally important is how you travel between them, either physically or visually. The clever use of hedges, walls, trellises, ornamental grasses and vines can provide both privacy and screening but also a feeling of lightness and intrigue. Consider the framing of views beyond your property, and how you can create vistas and perspectives with the way in which you connect your garden rooms with curving pathways, focal points such as benches or sculpture, and decorative structures like arbors and pergolas.

With their relatively low cost and short build time, a garden room is an ideal way to add value to your home. They are an excellent choice for those who want to work in their garden all year round, whether it’s as a creative studio or a relaxing retreat.

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