Insurance License – Level 1 General Insurance Licensing Program

If you want to work as a broker or adjuster in Alberta, Canada you need to pass an AIC exam. If you successfully complete an AIC exam, the Insurance Institute of Canada will issue a Certificate of Completion, or CIPR number. You can then apply through your employer or independent brokerage to write the Alberta Level 1 General Insurance licensing exam. Go here

A successful Level 1 licence qualifies you to work as a salesperson in an Alberta insurance brokerage, handling auto and home insurance transactions under the supervision of a Level 2 or 3 licensee. You can also work as a restricted auto agent (selling only personal lines at a car dealership) or as a road agent, visiting customers’ homes or businesses to take down details of their policies.

Unlocking Opportunities: A Guide to Obtaining Your Level 1 Insurance License in Alberta

There are additional property and casualty courses that can take you to a higher level of licensing. In addition to the basic fundamentals of insurance, level two courses increase your knowledge of the industry through advanced study of personal and commercial lines of business and expose you to supervisory responsibilities and brokerage management. Level three is for designated representatives, or DRs, who can manage an Alberta insurance brokerage and sell insurance directly to customers.

Our Level 1 Alberta Licensing Program offers everything you need to prepare for the AIC Level 1 General Insurance and Restricted Auto Licensing exams in one convenient package. When you have completed all the online course materials and passed the ILScorp Certification Exam we will certify you as a licensed Alberta General Insurance Level 1 Student.

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