Bespoke Home Cinema

With the popularity of on-demand streaming services, HD technology and amazing soundscapes, the silver screen has moved from the movie theatre to the living room. Many homeowners now opt to create bespoke Home Cinemas, or even whole-room entertainment systems, in order to enjoy movie nights with friends and family.Source:

Dedicated home cinemas are generally found in converted or dual-purpose rooms such as basements, attics and spare bedrooms but they can also be installed in brand new homes too. Whatever the choice, a well-designed and carefully engineered system is essential to deliver superb performance in both sound and image.

Bespoke Home Cinema

One of the first things to consider is the type of screen. TVs are generally favored because of their cost and size, but projectors are more popular as they can provide a much bigger and better viewing experience. The best screens for a bespoke home cinema are the ones with an optical lens that eliminates any distortion and produces crisp images.

Another factor to take into account is lighting. Dark colours are the best for a cinema space as they allow the user to focus on the picture without being distracted by other ambient light. Automated systems such as Lutron can be used to pre-define several lighting modes including cinema, reading and chilling. For a truly immersive experience, fibre optic lighting can be used to create stunning starfield patterns on the ceiling.


For this bespoke home cinema, Yorkshire-based custom install specialist Bespoke Home Cinema specified a Sony projector with the latest 4K SXRD panel technology to bring movies to life with exceptional clarity. The projector was paired with Marantz amplification and Kaleidescape movie server for the ultimate home cinema experience. The room was then finished with luxury cinema chairs from Fortress and imaginative lighting that mimics the lightsabers in a Star Wars scene.

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