Patio Repair – Repairing Cracks, Heaving, Pitting and Crusting Patios

Patios are a great addition to any home and are often used for relaxing or entertaining. However, over time they can become worn and damaged. Patio repair is a necessary step in keeping your outdoor living space looking its best.

How to repair a patio?

The most common patio problems are cracking, heaving, pitting and crumbling. Fixing these issues will keep your outdoor living area looking great and functional for years to come.


Hairline cracks are a normal part of the aging process but they should be repaired as soon as possible to minimize the amount of water that gets into the crack and further damage the concrete. Fixing a crack is an easy project that can be done by yourself using a concrete crack filler product available at most hardware stores.


A heaving patio is typically caused by improper base construction and can only be fixed by completely removing the patio and re-building it with a proper foundation. If this is not done, the heaving will most likely reoccur.


Uneven gaps between pavers can be unsightly but are also a tripping hazard. This problem is more severe when the gaps are near the edge of the patio or where a proper edging is not installed. This type of gap is also called an expansion joint and is designed to allow the concrete slabs to move independently without damaging one another.

This is a common issue with brick patios in the Northern Michigan area. If a brick is broken or cracked, it is usually just the mortar that is deteriorating and can easily be fixed by yourself using a masonry cement mix and matching sand colors. This is an inexpensive fix that will save you money and headaches in the long run.

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