Georgia Gas Rates

georgia gas rates

If you live in Georgia gas rates, then you are one of the many people who use natural gas to heat their homes. As with electricity, natural gas prices are influenced by supply and demand factors and can change throughout the year. Knowing your rates and what to look for in a plan can help you find the best georgia gas rates that will fit with your budget.

In most deregulated states, your energy bill comes from a utility company that owns the network of pipes that take natural gas to your home. This is known as the local distribution company (LDC). However, in deregulated areas like Georgia, you can choose your own energy supplier. Energy suppliers source the energy that will be delivered to your home and provide a different rate than the LDC.

Navigating the Georgia Gas Landscape: Tips for Finding the Right Plan and Saving on Energy Costs

Your gas supplier will send you a monthly bill that includes two items: delivery and supply charges. The base charge is regulated by the state and covers such costs as pipeline maintenance, meter reading, and so on. You will still pay this charge regardless of which supplier you choose. The supply charges are the actual cost of the gas you use and they will vary depending on the supplier you select.

You can select a variable or fixed rate plan from one of several certified gas marketers. There are a variety of term lengths, including one-year and two-year options. You may also be able to qualify for a reduced rate or even a free plan. Once you’ve selected your marketer, the switch is usually completed within one to two billing cycles.

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