Diesel Performance Tuning Melbourne

diesel performance tuning melbourne

Are you diesel performance tuning melbourne of your diesel vehicle not pulling as hard as it used to, not getting the same economy or power as before, or having that dreaded orange check engine light on? Perhaps it’s time for a performance service and an ecu tune.

There are dozens of different ‘tuning modules’ available off the net claiming amazing diesel power and torque gains. They all plug into the common rail fuel pressure sensor and simply pump up the signal (voltage) to fool the ECU into thinking there is more pressure in the injectors than there actually is. This makes the vehicle feel faster but the power is never transferred to the wheels.

Unleashing Power in Melbourne: Exploring Diesel Performance Tuning

Real diesel ecu tuning specialists will spend the bulk of their time on engine mapping, altering the timing and fuelling to deliver solid gains in both torque and horsepower. Boost control and ignition mapping will also be modified, allowing for higher power and better economy, reduced turbo lag and smoother power delivery than ever before.

Willys can also modify the transmission computer to allow for better driveability, a more responsive and controlled response from the engine when driving, and increased fuel efficiency by reducing rpm at lower speeds and adjusting the gearshift point. This can make the difference between a vehicle that is sluggish in town and drives like a dream on the highway, or an unreliable and jerky vehicle that can’t be trusted to keep up with traffic.

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