How a Lip Flip Works

A lip flip is a quick, noninvasive tweak that uses Botox to manipulate the shape of the lips without adding volume. A qualified cosmetic professional will inject the neuromodulator into precise spots in the “Cupid’s bow” area, and two other points above each lip (the procedure doesn’t work well on the lower lip). The injections temporarily relax this muscle, causing the upper lip to “flip” outward and appear fuller.

Which filler last longer?

It’s important to visit a practitioner with experience in this and other beauty treatments. They should have a thorough understanding of how facial structures interact and know how to get the best results from any treatment. During the consultation, individuals should also be honest about any preexisting conditions and what they’re hoping to achieve with the procedure.

Post-treatment, it’s normal for the site to feel a little bumpy or swollen for a few hours. Bruising may also occur, though it’s typically minimal and resolves quickly. To prevent the neuromodulator from migrating, experts recommend not massaging the treatment area and not sleeping face down for a few days after the treatment.

While a lip flip doesn’t offer as much volume as a filler, it’s a great entry point for people who want to add some definition and avoid a permanent solution like lip surgery or dermal fillers. Plus, the results are more subtle and last about three months, while filler can last up to nine. The treatment is more affordable than a filler as well.

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