Discover the Best Auto Resources

Online automotive resources can help with the purchase, selling and maintenance of vehicles. From researching a car’s value to checking its accident history, these tools can help people make smart decisions when buying, selling and maintaining cars.

What is the life of car engine?

Discover the Best Auto Resources at BBB’s resources for auto buyers and sellers include dispute resolution through BBB AUTO LINE(r) and tips and alerts about car-related issues. In addition, we also provide tools like car-related ratings and reviews, and the BBB Vehicle Finder that can be used to find a trusted retailer.

The most popular professional DIY resources for auto repair found in our study were direct assistance from a qualified expert (46%), classes led by a mechanic (35%), and in-person or video consultations with an expert (18% each). These tools empower DIYers to grow their skills and fix their own cars, saving money and time.

Other popular car-related websites are Kelley Blue Book, which helps people understand the market value of their current or prospective vehicle, and Consumer Reports, which provides new-car buyers with information on how much a vehicle will cost over five years. Hemmings is another go-to resource for classic car enthusiasts, offering an auction and dealership showroom, a marketplace for parts and accessories and a magazine.

For dealers, educational online resources can be helpful for their sales and marketing, F&I and operations departments, and for staying up to date with industry regulations. Dealer Training HUB and the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association offer resources on dealer licensing requirements, for example.

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