Coastal Clothing Brands

coastal clothing brands

Coastal clothing brands are a great way to get your laid-back, summertime vibe on. These brands have a classic American, coastal New England preppy style aesthetic that makes every day feel like a beachy vacation. With brands like Vineyard Vines and Boden, you can find styles that range from pastel graphic ties for men to the bestselling Shep shirt (a half-zip pullover perfect for cool seaside mornings and evenings).

Another great choice is the California-based boutique brand, Coast. This collection features artisanal prints and ready-to-wear pieces that are both stylish and sustainable. Each piece has a one-of-a-kind feeling that is inspired by days spent on the water.

Seaside Style: Top Coastal Clothing Brands for an Effortlessly Chic Look

Then there’s the surf apparel brand, Hurley. This is the go-to brand for surfers that know how to swagger. Wearing this embroidered gear will instantly add surf cred to your wardrobe. Just pair it with some naturally bleached hair, trashed jeans, an oversized scoop neck and a Mikey Wright style Akubra and you’re well on your way to being a real surfer.

Finally, the surf-inspired clothing brand, PELAGIC Gear, is for the everyday man or woman that lives the beach lifestyle. This brand includes everything from UV sun-protection shirts to a large selection of performance polarized sunglasses. And don’t forget their hats, gloves and footwear as well.

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