Vanilla Cream Pie Strain

A deliciously potent and aromatic strain, Vanilla Cream Pie is a hybrid that was created through crossing the famous Vanilla Kush and Ice Cream Kush. This tasty strain has a sweet, creamy vanilla taste with hints of lemony citrus and pine. It provides a smooth, euphoric high that lasts until the end of the inhale. This bud is a must-try for any cannabis fan! Find out

Indica dominant (60%) Sativa dominant (22-23%)

The Vanilla Cream Pie strain has a classic flavor that smells and tastes like a delicious piece of pie. Its aroma is reminiscent of vanilla frosting with a hint of sour lemony citrus and a subtle fresh pine aroma. It is said to provide a narcotic-like body buzz that combines the psychoactive pop of a sativa with a sedating effect that many users say helps with insomnia, stress and physical tension.

Indulge Your Senses with Vanilla Cream Pie: A Delicious and Relaxing Cannabis Strain

The vanilla cream pie strain starts off with an uplifting high that makes you feel very happy and creative while also providing a great appetite enhancement. It can also help you relax and sleep better, which makes it ideal for nighttime consumption.

This hybrid grows into very tall and lanky plants with beautiful purple and olive-green flowers that display a dense and oval appearance, with curly leaves and bundles of fiery-orange pistils. It does not require a long veg time, and is ready to flower in about 8 weeks with a larger yield than either parent alone!

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