The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) is a trade association whose members are associated with structural steel fabrication Carolina Fabricators, design and construction. It provides technical assistance, education and market development.

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Founded in 1921, the AISC was created to serve the structural steel design industry. Over the years, the organization has developed many standards, codes and quality certifications.

The AISC has become one of the most recognized national quality certification programs in the structural steel fabrication industry. In order to be certified, fabricators must undergo a rigorous initial evaluation. This includes an on-site audit of the fabricator’s quality management system. A comprehensive administrative review and documentation audit are also required.

Fabricators that are certified by the AISC are considered to have a superior baseline level of quality. These companies are inspected regularly and their employees undergo regular training. They are also expected to have policies and procedures that meet the specifications of the AISC.

AISC certification helps eliminate errors and ensures that projects are built to the highest quality standards. With AISC certification, fabricators are able to prevent problems at the very beginning of a project. Also, AISC certified fabricators use state-of-the-art structural steel fabrication technology.

The AISC’s mission is to make structural steel the material of choice. It does this by providing educational resources and promoting innovation.

The AISC Certification Standards Committee has been reorganizing and harmonizing the common components of existing standards. It has also simplified provisions of the program.

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