TaylorMade Golf Balls

Whether you are a serious golfer or an amateur, taylormade golf balls are designed to give you the distance, spin and control you need to shoot the best scores. They come in a variety of models designed for different levels and price ranges.

What is the compression of a TaylorMade Burner golf ball?

TaylorMade has a variety of ball models to choose from, including the TP5 and TP5x, which are used by the best professional golfers in the world. Both balls feature a Tour Flight Dimple Pattern, which helps optimise airflow around the ball and reduces drag for greater distance.

The Tour Response Stripe golf ball features a striped design that helps players with their alignment. A 22-millimeter band runs all the way around the ball, providing visual feedback as to whether the putt is going in the right direction.

The Tour Response golf ball has a soft core and cast urethane cover that provide a decent greenside feel. It also has REACTcore technology that stores energy efficiently, providing excellent distance. The ball is also priced $10 less per dozen than the TP5 ball, making it a good value for your money.

The TP5 and TP5x feature a softer core and reactive cover for a more workable feel. They are also slightly longer and higher launching in the right hands.

The TP5x also has a softer cast urethane cover that helps grip the wedge grooves for increased spin. This ball also features ClearPath alignment markings, which were co-designed by Rickie Fowler.

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