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Optometry podcast | Defocus Media are an excellent way to learn more about the field. This podcast is produced by Defocus Media, and has translated comprehensive eye exams into twelve languages. This podcast features a variety of optometry topics, such as ocular diseases, patient education tools, and optometry terminology. The podcast is also available on multiple podcast platforms. Listening to optometry podcasts is a great way to wind down after a busy day.

You Can Find One That Meets Your Needs And Interests

The Optometry Weekly podcast features a variety of ODs giving their advice on various eye care topics. The Optometry Weekly podcast also includes discussions about disruptive innovators, the changing face of eye care, and the future of the industry. Dr. Mahgoub interviews thought leaders and innovators to share his knowledge about the latest innovations in the field. You can listen to their latest episodes right from your desktop or listen to them on any device.

If you’re looking for optometry podcasts that are free and easy to listen to, you can find several on iTunes. OD Entrepreneur Podcast is a good option for practicing management. Optometry podcasts with general topics are also available. In addition, optometry podcasts are fun ways to learn new ideas about the field. You can also stay informed about current trends and patient concerns through optometry podcasts. There are several optometry podcasts out there. You can find one that meets your needs and interests.

Keepin’ it O.D. is a podcast hosted by an openly Sikh recent OD grad. This podcast explores the intersection between optometry and current social issues. Listen to interviews with students and new ODs. Listen to Dr. Nishan Pressly as she discusses her experiences as a minority in optometry. Also, listen to Dr. Nadia Afkhami’s insights on what it’s like to be an optometrist and her real life fears.

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Installing a Waterproofing Membrane

this waterproofing membrane

If you are interested in adding waterproofing to your bathroom, you should check out this waterproofing membrane. It can be applied in steam rooms and adheres to PVC and stainless steel surfaces. It also works great to waterproof countertops. This membrane is easy to apply, quick to dry, and has a strong smell. It is not the best waterproofing option for bathrooms with small corners, but it can cover most of a medium sized bathroom.

Elastomeric Cement-based Waterproofing

Cosmofin is a reinforced high-quality flexible PVC membrane with a fleece backing. It can be bonded, loose-lay, ballasted, or mechanically fastened. It is recyclable and UV-stabilized. Available in pails of one gallon and 3.5 gal., this waterproofing membrane provides excellent wall protection and strength to building structures. It is also flexible and tear-resistant. It can also be used on outdoor areas.

Installing a waterproofing membrane can be a quick process, and contractors will generally try to complete the entire project in a single day. Larger areas can be tackled on successive days. Because membranes stick to themselves, you can avoid cold joints. The thickness of a membrane is important, though, because too-thin membranes can tear. You must ensure good adhesion to avoid a leak. When installing a waterproofing membrane on a new building, you should also consider the quality of the concrete. If the concrete is contaminated, it can be difficult to build a structure.

MasterSeal 588 is an elastomeric cement-based waterproofing membrane. It is ideal for water-retaining structures. Its non-tainting properties enable it to remain flexible and adaptable even when submerged. In addition, this membrane is suitable for mineral substrates. Once installed, it will prevent water from penetrating the membrane. It is also ideal for use in buildings where moisture is an issue.

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