EV Charger Installation Near Me

ev charger installation near me

There are several options for EV charger installation near me. The process is straightforward, but you’ll need to choose between a plugged-in system and a hardwired one. Plugged-in systems require only the installation of an EVSE outlet, while a hardwired system is permanent and needs a professional to install. Lon Lockwood Electric can help you decide which is best for your home. The pros and cons of both systems are discussed here.

There Are Several Options For Ev Charger Installation Near Me

Before hiring an EV charger installation service, make sure to find out which level of installation equipment you need. A level three charger is designed for many cars. If you have multiple buildings with many employees, it’s important to locate your charger in a central location. Depending on the number of charging stations, a Level 3 station can cost anywhere from $14,750 to $40,500. It can be installed in the home or office of the building that needs it.

An EV charger installation near me can cost anywhere from $1200 to $2200. It costs more to install an EV charger in a detached garage. You may also need to dig a trench to extend the electricity to the building. If your EV charger is not already attached to your home’s electricity, you’ll need to upgrade your electrical panel, which will add to the overall installation cost. The cost of an EV charge station installation near me is an investment in your home’s safety.

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