Choose Columbus OH Concrete Contractors

If you are looking for an experienced Columbus OH concrete contractor who can create custom designed structures that will provide you with exceptional design, superior quality, durability and affordability then contact John Garreth Architects at the branch office. Our state of the art facility can offer you the highest quality construction in town. Whether you are starting a new building project or remodeling an existing structure, we have the professional to create a building plan to fit the needs of your dreams. Our state of the art facility is committed to exceeding your expectations with a variety of services that will help to make your dreams come alive!

Choosing A Colored Concrete Contractor To Create A New Home Or Improve An Old Building

You will find that we have vast experience in all phases of construction and with our state-of-the-art machines this process will move at a faster pace. Whether it be demolition or foundation or interior finishing or exterior building the work will be done quicker than ever before. In addition to this, the fabrication shop is equipped with the most modern equipment, as well as skilled personnel who will do all the necessary work to transform your ideas into reality. We will build your dream projects with attention to detail and a high level of quality assurance.

It doesn’t matter if you need commercial or residential flooring, steel decking, garage space, a swimming pool, or additional storage we have the right building to fit your needs. With so much to offer it doesn’t matter if you need to move, consolidate or expand your current business. We have expert staff on hand that will assist you and make decisions about the best way to grow your business and increase the value of your investment. We offer a wide variety of services including foundation and slab removal, installation of interlocking paving and concrete slabs, building construction and remodeling, renovation and design, roofing, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Whatever you are looking to do, whether it is to expand your current building or construct a new one, we can accommodate your needs!

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