How Reliable Are Refrigerated Couriers Perth?

refrigerated couriers perth

Refrigerated couriers Perth is one of the largest refrigeration companies in Australia. They have a fleet of modern vehicles, which include refrigerated trucks, enclosed trailers, double-ended trailer trucks, flatbed trailers, ice cream trucks, and refrigerated railings. This company is primarily involved in the transportation of perishable goods, including frozen dinners, fish and meats.


The Company also has a number of secondary holding pty ltds, for the transportation of other types of goods. The most common holdings pty ltds include packaging and logistics solutions. Holding facilities offer complete services for the transportation of fish and machinery. There are a few Holding Pty ltds located at Perth, which include ACI Group Pty Ltd, APlus Group Pty Ltd, and Freight Lines Pty Ltd.


All these Companies use state-of-the-art technology and offer a wide range of refrigerated shipping services. They have tie-ups with freight brokers, who arrange for the transportation of your goods to their destination. Freight brokers act as a link between the owner of the products, and the provider of the refrigeration facilities. This helps reduce any cost involved in the transportation of your goods. Refrigerated couriers Perth can help you choose from a large variety of stock sizes and can ship your items to your desired location.

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