How To Get An At Home STI Test

The next best step to prevent chlamydia is to know what to do if you are infected. The most effective way is by getting tested and treated right away. At Home STI test is the easiest way to get this information since it is less expensive, and the kits are quite portable. Many of the kits come with a privacy policy, so you can test and learn about your status without anyone else knowing about it. Most popular STD tests to detect the most prevalent infections, using online testing in 2 days or less.

at home sti test


How To Get An At Home STI Test

Of the STD symptoms most commonly seen in both men and women are genital symptoms such as genital sores, painful urination, discharge, itching or burning during urination, and in some cases – pain during sexual intercourse. However, there are many STDs that do not have outward symptoms, and can lead to complications if left untreated, such as genital herpes and gonorrhea. Syphilis and bacterial infections are also common STD’s that are caught from unprotected sex.


There are various ways to tell if you have one or more STD’s, but the best way is by being tested and treated for any infections. Your chances of having an STD greatly increase after you start to have sexual relations with a new partner. Although the disease has long been considered incurable, science is making great strides towards developing a reliable treatment system. STD tests are readily available at all STD clinics. However, it is important to have a home STD test as well to monitor your health at home and protect yourself and others.

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