Performance Tires – Review of the ContiSportContact 3

The Continental ContiSportContact 3 is an exciting new high performance tire for drivers looking for a great new mid-range tire to compliment their current vehicles. It is the ultimate in performance tires, featuring stiffer sidewalls for a more aggressive driving feel and larger diameter tires that provide the stability you need on the road. With these characteristics and a new V-Tec III construction for optimum weight distribution, it promises to offer you everything you could ever want in a performance tire. A high performing summer tire with outstanding steering control, superb traction and excellent braking capabilities. With a full complement of performance enhancing sidewall reinforcements and a harder compound, the Conti SportContact 3 provides you with all of the performance you want from a mid-range tire.

Performance Tires – Review of the ContiSportContact 3

The Conti SportContact 3 performed well across the three categories of testing which were cornering, speed, and wet roads. In the wet test it performed very well out in the sand and was able to maintain a high speed over several corners. During the dry road test it performed very similar to its summer tire test performance. Both of these performance figures are great considering the fact that drivers are typically driving at least forty-five miles per week during the summer season.

When it comes to steering precision, the Conti SportContact 3 was rated third out of all drivers. On the speed front, it performed well but as expected, compared to other Conti tires, it did not perform as well when entering tight bends. Its best performance came when accelerating and coming to a stop. As always with Conti tires, the Conti SportContact 3 offers excellent braking control. Combined with its stiffer sidewalls and thicker tread, it offers a unique combination of high traction with incredible stopping power. This is one of the most popular performance tires available today and is highly recommended by many professionals.

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