What to do if your MBNA PPI Claim is Rejected

If your MBNA PPI claim has been declined or rejected, this is not the time to give up because there are still other ways that you can get the claim. There is a back up plan and most people have used it in the past in a successful way. It is good to note that the financial services may do everything not to pay you because the payout reduces their profits. This means that despite filling all the forms and providing all the required information your claim may be declined, even with valid reasons. Here is what you should do when your claim has been declined or rejected.

Financial ombudsman service can help

If you have written complaints to your bank and you are not satisfied with the results, you should take your complains to the Financial Ombudsman service. The service has the powers to make a thorough review of your complaint and make a decision whether you have been treated in a fair manner. If the service believes that you have been treated in the wrong way, they have the power to make an order to MBNA to make things right, including make payments to your PPI claim. It is necessary that you have made every effort to sort all the things out before you approach the Financial Ombudsman service. In case you have not put all the required efforts Financial Ombudsman service will request you to go back and put such efforts and try making the claim again. Thus, you should not treat the service as the first place to go when your claim has been rejected. Always contact MBNA first.

When to contact Financial Ombudsman service

You need to contact the service if you have already contacted MBNA, but you have not received any form of response within two months or eight weeks. You should also do so if you have already received a response from your bank, but you are not satisfied with the response given. It is good to note that you should get in touch with the service within a period of six months of making your first PPI complaint. This means that you should not leave it for too long, for you to get the right assistance.

What is required from you

Financial Ombudsman service will require you to provide as much information as you can about your PPI complaint. This includes all the details on the communication you have had with MBNA. If you have completed filing a standard PPI complaint form, you need to include it when you communicate with the service for assistance in your complaint.

What Financial Ombudsman service will do

The service will examine all the details that you give out and then contact MBNA. They will ask to be provided will all the information about the PPI claim you have provided. They will then evaluate all the details and make a decision as to whether your MBNA PPI claim is valid or not. It may take several months, but in the end they will make an informed decision which will bind to both parties.